How to Find the Right Bridesmaid Dresses for Any Wedding

Bridesmaid dresses are one of the focal points in any wedding but they can often be a cause for confusion, especially if the bridesmaids are given the choice of wearing their own styles. Therefore, it is important that a bride avoid this to prevent such a chaotic situation since the last thing they want is a dispute over bridesmaid dresses. A few helpful tips on the best way to find the proper cheap bridesmaid dresses for your wedding can go a long way in ensuring the preservation of the wedding ambience and at the same time, ensuring all your bridesmaids look stunning.

Consider the setting of the wedding before choosing a dress

The first step is to select the setting of the wedding.

If you are having an elegant and sophisticated wedding, it is best for the bridesmaids to opt for evening gown type of clothes, while beach weddings are less formal and complement a looser fit and style, such as lace bridesmaid dresses.

The ideal way to offer some individuality to your bridesmaids is to ensure that every one of them selects a style that flatters their body shape. There is nothing more distracting than a bridesmaid who has been forced to wear a tight-fitting dress despite all her bumps and lumps being on full display for the guests.

The colour of the dress and the fabric should complement the setting of the wedding and by deciding on a single fabric, you will be spared the embarrassment of having a bridesmaid turn up in shiny material or velvet black bridesmaid dresses. In terms of colour, there are several shades of fabric to choose from that allow the bridesmaids to play up their individual complexions.

Overall Look of the Bridesmaid Dresses

The dress length of the bridesmaid is often a matter of concern for the bride. If all your bridesmaids are in the same length of dress, it will help create a more uniform look. However, younger women can select junior bridesmaid dresses which are shorter and look nice. Bridesmaids at the wedding must be given the option of choosing a neckline on their dress that perfectly suits their style and body shape. They can opt for either sleeved dresses or sleeveless ones. These are all essential points and if the bride is wearing a strapless dress, chances are they will not want their bridesmaids to wear them in order to stand out.

Costume and Fashion Jewelry – Fun Accessories at a Nice Price

When you think about jewelry, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Gemstones? Rings? Necklaces? Cost? Jewelry is so much more than expensive gemstones in a ring or necklace setting, and the term can encompass watches, necklaces, bracelets, and even headbands and more. The fun thing about fashion accessories is that they can make an outfit exciting without necessarily breaking the bank. While the price of many jewelers can be expensive, this does not mean that everyday people cannot have fun with adornment and fashion. Focus on costume and fashion accessory pieces for beauty at great prices.

Costume vs. Fashion Pieces

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, costume jewelry is “fancy jewelry that is usually made of inexpensive materials rather than real gold, diamonds, et cetera.” These products may include rhinestones, plastic gems, or beads. Costume accessories were made popular around the 1930s by women who sought to protect their heirlooms from daily wear and tear and possible theft. These pieces were made to look similar to their more expensive counterparts so that women could wear them occasionally without worrying about losing them. Alternately, fashion accessories, which became popular around the 1980s, are fairly inexpensive. These trendy pieces are often described as “statement pieces,” while costume accessories would be described as “vintage” or “classic.”


When making costume and fashion pieces, specialists often use a nickel base sprayed with pieces of gold or silver to give it a high-end look. Fake gems and rhinestones may also be used to make the accessory look more like the real deal. Created to look like small diamonds by putting metal flakes on the back of rock crystals, rhinestones sparkle under the light and can be dyed to several colors. Other materials used to make costume and fashion jewelry are rubber, metal, plastic, acrylic, and semi-precious stones.


Over the decades, fashion pieces have made several statements. In the 1980s, women wore huge beaded necklaces and colorful bracelets; sweatbands were worn as fashion statements as well. Teenagers and young women wore extravagant gold-plated hoop earrings, bangles, and plastic bracelets.

In the 1990s, when grunge was popular, young people often wore chunky pieces made with nickel and silver plating. Metal bead necklaces and chains were also go-to pieces. And rings for noses, navels, ears, tongues, eyebrows, and lips were part of the grunge/heavy metal/rock band look.

Finally, in the 2000s, sterling silver became more popular and affordable. Thinly-made necklaces gave wearers the desired subtle look, and accessories like costume jewelry became more and more trendy. Men liked gold-plated and silver-plated Figaro chains, multi-colored beaded bracelets were the rave for children and young adults, and rubber bracelets, bangles, and charm bracelets made a comeback.

Costume and fashion adornments are, indeed, an affordable way to look cool. Prices can range from $5-$400. Whether you buy these pieces from a local jeweler or buy the material to make it yourself, either type of accessory can be a fun and creative way to spruce up your wardrobe and feel elegant!

Shopping Consignment Stores

The fashion industry is a fast paced world. Trends are always coming and going. New designers are being discovered every year during Fashion Week and street style is now a very important part of this creative world.

How do people dress so fab and obtain amazing high end brands and designer pieces?

Well it has to be A, they are wealthy and can totally afford a 1,000 dollars designer shoes or B, they are very creative and resourceful people.

If you are not wealthy enough to spend a 1,000 dollars on shoes then you have to become smart and creative. Discovering the world of consignment and how it works, will be life changing if you are a fashionista and love to wear the latest trends.

So what is a consignment store?

A consignment store is a place were they resale gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Some carry mall brands, some carry High End designer brands, and some carry both. A consignment store usually carries both, and it sells 75% Off of retail.

A consignor, which is the name of a person who consigns, can have access to a large quantity of unique merchandise, brands from around the world and an also make money by consigning and recycling their own pieces.

Usually on a consignment store people will find some high end designer shoes for 400 dollars, when they cost $975 on retail stores.

Most consignment stores operate with a percentage. When a consignor brings in consignment pieces, they will price their items. If the item sells and it is priced under $99 the consignor will get 40%, For example you bring a Tory Burch top and they price it at $30 you will end up getting $12.

Items priced from $100 to $499, the consignor will get 50%, items priced from $500 to 999, the consignor will get 60% and from $1,000 and up the consignor will get 75%. The higher the item is priced the more the consignor makes.

Consignors bring in designer items from around the world. they usually offer unique pieces for lower prices. Nowadays with consignment stores around the globe becoming so popular, they are offering the options of online shopping.

Having access to high end designer brands and low end brands is easier with affordable stores, like consignment shops. Consignment shops offer unique merchandise because they only have one of a kind item, so everything is original.

Have the pleasure to indulge in the consignment world and discover amazing items for way less.

2015 May Be the Year to Try Out New Fashion Brands

If you have been paying attention to the US national spending trends on clothing since 2011 you will notice that there has been some interesting changes in how the US, along with the rest of the world, shops for clothing. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics the Average Annual expenditures on Apparel shopping had been declining steadily since the 2011 annual average of $1,740 to a low point in 2013 annual average of $1,604, but in mid-2014 US apparel spending bounced back to annual average of $1,706 and is expected to continue to increase. During those same years a rebound trend was noticed in US made clothing which resulted in a 6.2% increase in sales.

Along with that The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan announced in January/2015, “apparel and footwear contributed a record $361 billion to the U.S. economy in 2013, a bigger contribution than new cars, alcohol, toys, or practically any other industry.”

So what does all this mean exactly? Are we spending less but now have more clothes? Is the American clothing manufacturing industry back on top? Well not really, even with the record breaking increase 97% of all apparel sold in the US is still imported. What it does mean is that consumers are out there spending again and are buying more products. The recession mixed things up in all industries and as we continue to bounce back from it, more and more fashion trends get moved around in the mix. A new economy brings in new opportunities for new ideas, new brands and new designs to enter the picture.

But was this shifting in the fashion industry by accident or by design? Interestingly enough in early June/2015 during an agricultural forum held by the World Trade Organization the US accused China for the surging polyester content of wardrobes the world over as they claimed China has been stockpiling huge amounts of cotton for years which has led to “an increase in the use of polyester to the detriment of all cotton-producing countries.”

Other accusations said were that China is paying out huge subsidies to its cotton sector, about $5.1 billion in the 2013-2014 growing season. Between these outlays and its stockpiling, China is causing cotton prices to plunge on the international market altogether.

But is that the only reason prices have fallen? Maybe not, as China also cut back on its cotton imports which left much more cotton for the rest of the world to purchase and they also improved their polyester’s quality over the years thanks to declining oil prices, which would make polyester cheaper as China exports massive amounts of.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Well regardless of the country relations there is one thing that is evident, as clothing materials have gotten cheaper the quality for lesser known brands have gotten better. This has opened up the door for other international countries to sell their products to world consumers, such as the small up trend of the South American ‘Butt-lift’ jeans, which have found a market in Canada, Australia and certain parts of the US.

Another trend that has been seen is lesser known brands have benefitted from this quality increase which allows them to openly compete with bigger brands. Smaller brands also experienced a large growth in Google searches between mid-2014 and mid-2015 like; Cello Jeans (68% average search increase in 12 months), GJG Denim (31% average search increase in 12 months), Flying Monkey Jeans (86% average search increase in 12 months) and Silver Diva Jeans (24% average search increase in 12 months).

So what are you waiting for? Try a new bold or fierce brand today and open up your wardrobe to the new Fashion possibilities as 2015 promises to be the year of fashion trend changes.

Summer is a great time to show your style and experiment with colors and patterns. Styling your staple summer items is fun and it’s a great opportunity to explore where your personal style can go if you’re willing to get creative. Many online stores out there have bulk selections but a few have premium selections at affordable prices, like Fierce Berry for example with the motto “Be fiery, be bold, be fierce” it just asks you to challenge your fashion selections with a fiery, bold and fierce twist

How to Customize Your Shoes

Every girl likes to changeup her wardrobe now and again, but unfortunately budgets don’t always allow for the purchasing of all-new sets of clothes and shoes on a regular basis. Thankfully, the booming popularity of crafts as a hobby has resulted in a wide range of customization options on the market for fashion lovers to experiment with.

Customizing shoes is one trend that has taken off massively in recent years. With inexpensive and plain shoes available in abundance, shoppers are more than ever choosing to use shoe accessories, dyes and other craft products to add a truly personal touch to their footwear instead of splashing out on more costly designs and brands.

One of the best ways to customize your shoes is with the addition of shoe clips. These shoe accessories are a great way to add unique style to footwear without making any permanent changes. Shoe clips come in a range of materials and designs – from bows and flowers to studs and chains – and can be attached in any place on any shoe.

Shoe accessories such as clips are applied to any footwear by simply clipping them on the sides, fronts, backs, heels and laces of the items in question. They can be moved around and repositioned as often or as little as possible, and can be taken off after wear without leaving any trace of damage on the shoe.

Dye is another great cost effective way of customizing your shoes. Rather than adding a single embellishment like shoe accessories do, dying can completely transform the color of footwear and therefore the entire look of the items. This can be done at home after purchasing a good quality shoe dye, or by a professional shoe dying service at a little additional cost.

Popular shoe dye shades include gold and metallic colors, cobalt blue, classic black and red, deep purples and vibrant pinks. The change is, however, permanent, so make sure that you are really in love with the color you choose before going ahead with the procedure. You can collect color swatches of your ideal shade so that your professional dying service delivers an exact match.

Adding jewels, crystals and pearls can be another way to customize your shoes on a budget but with a big impact. These shoe accessories are directly adhered to the shoe to give a permanent yet stunning effect. Unlike shoe clips, crystals and pearls are designed to stay on your shoe for a long time, so be sure to plan your designthoroughlybefore application.

You can use crystals and jewels to create patterns or motifs on your shoes, or you can even opt for a more striking all-over look by covering the entire surface of your shoes with decorations. This can be a long and pain-staking process, but will result in a dazzling look for the fraction of the price of a similar item bought on the high street.

Finally, instead of covering a shoe in crystals, jewels or pearls, one particular on-trend option is to cover footwear with glitter. Another inexpensive solution, this kind of customization is perfect for a festive occasion or a night out where you want to make an impression. Popular glitter color choices include gold, silver and blue.

Glitter can be applied using a strong adhesive designed for the purpose, but the job is messy and can be time-consuming. An alternative is to apply glitter or colored paint to the soles or heels of high heeled shoes, creating a more subtle look which still has enough sparkle to dazzle onlookers.

There are many ways to change up your footwear with a little time, moneyandcreativity. From shoe accessories to permanent decorations, you are sure to find a way to express your unique style and add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe, either temporarily or permanently.

Absolutely Audrey is the first dedicated shoes accessories company, with an online store offering a huge range of accessory designs to dress up shoes for any occasion. Popular products include shoe clips, boot chains, heel jewels and many more, with the designers at Absolutely Audrey constantly updating their collections. Founded in 2004 by shoe fanatic Crisa Barriball, Absolutely Audrey was inspired by the timeless chic of Audrey Hepburn, and aims to blend versatility, femininity and originality in every design. Since its launch, Absolutely Audrey has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, TV shows and fashion blogs, and won the prestigious Best Accessory Brand Award in 2010.

Taking A Look At The Various Types Of Sarees

A Saree is a 6-foot-long piece of cloth that you wrap around your lower body forming a skirt. In addition to wrapping it around your lower body you should also move it up over your shoulder to cover your upper body. For ideal results you should wear it with a blouse or choli.

Types of Sarees

Sarees vary depending on the region where they are made. The most common types include:

Gadwal: these ones are from west India and they come in different colors such as earthly brown and gray.

Kanjeevaram: it’s often worn during weddings and it hails from south India. The Saree comes from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and is known for its vibrant colors.

Kota Doria: it hails from Rajasthan area of India and is made from cotton. Due to its material and design, this Saree is very expensive.

Sambalpuri: it’s made from silk or cotton and is usually made in the Sambalpuri style. The style used comes from Sambalpur in Orissa. The cotton used is first tie-dyed and then woven into different patterns. The cool thing with Sambalpuri Sarees is that they are hand-woven thus they don’t have any flaws. The unfortunate thing is that they tend to be very expensive.

Khadi: they are very traditional and are made using hand-spun cotton yarn. They are woven in a unique way that allows ample passage of air thus making them ideal for hot Indian summers.

Tips On How To Wear A Saree

For the Saree to give you an ideal look you should wear it correctly. To guide you through here are tips on how to wear it:

Wear the right shoes: the right shoes to wear are high heels and stilettos. As rule of thumb you should avoid flats and slippers.

Jewelry: although, a lot of jewelry will give you a lot of attention, the attention won’t be in the right way. For ideal results you should go for delicate jewelry such as thin bracelet, sleek chains, and subtle earrings.

Pins: pins are important in securing your Saree. Although, pins are important, you shouldn’t let everyone see them-you should hide them behind the fabric. If your Saree is delicate you should avoid using a lot of pins. This is to prevent your Saree from tearing apart.


This is what you need to know about a Saree. For an elegant look always go for a high quality Saree from a high quality store.

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